About Us

Drydy is one of the well-known Exporters, manufactures & reliable suppliers of dairy products, tomato paste, frozen French fries & raw material commodities for industrial usage. Since 2015’s we have been exporting highest & stable quality food and feed grade materials sourced only from our carefully selected supply chain. Now, after many years of successful activity, we have solid knowledge that helps us fully support our existing and new customers, build and maintain long lasting relationships.

Our fat filled milk powders and skimmed milk powder preparations are satisfying needs of producers of dairies, baked goods, ice creams, drinks, chocolates etc., and in fact are suitable for almost all applications in the food industry.

Our primary focus revolves around delivering top-quality products that adhere to international standards while prioritizing the responsible use of energy resources for sustainable production. Throughout the production process, our specialized team of professionals in animal husbandry, agriculture, and the food industry ensures meticulous monitoring and supervision.

Equipped with cutting-edge dairy production machinery from renowned global brands, we have successfully diversified our product range, encompassing milk powder, whey powder, butter, cream, cheese and other dairy derivatives. These offerings, bearing our esteemed brand DRYDY are supplied to international markets.